Friday, February 15, 2013

Becoming a Complete Currency Trader

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Forex Trading Education that Actually Helps You

The Complete Currency Trader website is dedicated to teaching a realistic and reliable approach to trading Forex. Aspiring traders can find help & advice, tips, training, and all round worthwhile information that will improve and enhance your understanding of trading the Forex market. Get the facts and discover what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader, and then learn how to turn that knowledge to your own advantage. Complete Currency Trader aims to give you a refreshing insight in to the realities of Forex trading so that you have an increased probability of long term success!

Trading is simple but it isn't easy! Complete Currency Trader is here to help.

The online resource of "sensible" Forex education for aspiring currency traders. Get lessons, training, advice, and assistance on all things related to Forex currency trading. Build your knowledge about long term, low risk, sustainable trading, based around exploiting a statistically reliable & relevant edge. That's precisely what you'll learn from this website!

Learning to trade is like learning to cook.

A trading system (the rules for entry and exit) is to trading, like a recipe is to cooking. Having a recipe does not make you a great chef, and having a system does not make you a great trader. It takes many years to learn to "cook" and it will take many years to learn to trade.

PIPS are meaningless and no measure of profitability.

Making 1000 pips is no more profitable than making 10 pips. Pips are not a measure of success or profitability. You can have lost more pips than you gain and still be in profit, and likewise you can gain more pips than you lose and still have lost money.

How important is your win rate in Forex trading?

Does a win rate really matter? Does having a higher win rate mean you will be more profitable? Everyone is concerned with filtering out losses and increasing there win rate as much as possible, but is it really the single most important factor in their trading.

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