Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Jumping on the Trend with Maximum Profit

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Perfection is a beautiful thing. Many Trend Jumper Futures Tradeplans are perfect so far last week, hitting all new profit levels each day.

There is nothing like starting a new quarter, new month and new week perfect. Every trade a winner. Especially after we keep seeing this occur on a fairly frequent basis and we keep breaking record profit levels on every market we follow since the first release of Trend Jumper. We see this across the board, futures and forex. Here are a few examples:

The Dow eMini (YM) Futures won again last week, continuing an amazing winning streak. The YM has now won 30 out of the last 31 sessions! Today it was one and done for + 24 points, for $120. It is perfect all three sessions this week with no losing trades. In fact, it has won the past 7 trades in a row and hasn’t had a losing trade since Monday the 25th of March.

Crude Oil Futures was two for two again last week, giving it a perfect 3 session winning streak, going 6 for 6 this week. Today, up + .37, for $370.

Heating Oil Futures was perfect last week too. Today it was one and done for + 84 ticks, + $352. No losses this week and also on a multi trade and multi session winning streak.

Unleaded Gas Futures, also perfect, up + 127 ticks. Actually, this one did have a losing trade to begin the week but ended the Monday session up + 217 ticks anyway. We’re up over +500 ticks this week already, and that’s the bottom line.

The Trend Jumper has put together an impressive track record and continues to consistently do so. Not just futures, of course. Forex, too. Many forex trades are off and running right now posting large gains.

AUDUSD just hit Target’s one and two. Currently it is in a risk free trade as it tries to get to its 3rd target. + 150 pips so far

USDJPY just hit all three targets in one session and is now trailing the remainder. + 370 pips (combo total of all three targets)

NZDCAD just hit its first target; + 50 pips

Many other trades are at varying stages of progression. Some have been trailing for a long time. I’m in a current EURUSD position for example that is up hundreds of pips and has been going for over a month. Same sith EURAUD.

Get all the details in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club. Make sure you are on the list so you don’t miss the next big release, the date to be announced soon. April is always the beginning of a very exciting time for us because the markets really start to move. There’s nothing like experience and we have seen this year after year for a long time. The Russell eMini has already shown signs of heating up as it typically does right ab0ut now. Trend Jumper grabbed a nice winner today and was one and done. We are looking forward to a banner year and you should be too! You COULD be and WOULD be if you were a Trend Jumper Owner and Member.

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