Friday, May 24, 2013

The Myth About the Gold Price

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Gold bulls have been saying that gold must be priced far higher if it is to serve as the world’s money. But the September 2011 issue of The Elliott Wave Theorist made a case that gold at $1921.50 was expensive:

Those who argue that gold is still cheap might want to consider [this chart], which shows that since 1913, when the Fed was created, gold has achieved four times the gain of the Consumer Price Index.

Gold and silver have been THE financial news in recent weeks. The coverage began during mid-April's three-day price decline, but the real precious metals story goes back further than that. Since 2011, gold and silver have declined more than 30% and 50%, respectively. Continue reading to learn more, or get ahead of the trend by reading Bob Prechter's Big 5 Gold Warnings for Bulls and Bears. Read more about Prechter's urgent report now.

Volatile price action is a surprise to most investors most of the time.

That's definitely true of precious metals in the past 30 days. But, the real story is far bigger than just one month. In fact, gold and silver have seen declines of more than 30% and 50%, respectively, since 2011. Now that's news!

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Click the image link above and you'll see a stunning chart of some of EWI's gold and silver forecasts over the past three years. When a market's wave patterns are clear, as they are now in gold and silver, it is a remarkable sight.

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