Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Turn Market Volatility into Your Profit

An experienced trading pro can show you how the jump in volatility offers the informed trader some interesting opportunities.

The trial-and-error method of learning how to trade is typically so expensive that many traders have to give up. Losses can add up all too quickly.

Of course, even seasoned traders who have a stellar track record must take losses at times. That said, the fact that these professionals are successful shows that they have learned how to manage risk and how to manage their trading account.

Traders with less experience would do well to learn from a professional.

Sure, that has a cost, too. But it’s often far less expensive than trying to figure out the trading game on your own.

Check out trading professional Dick Diamond’s course. For several years, Elliott Wave International has been associated with Diamond, and Robert Prechter endorses Diamond’s technically intensive approach.

A little about Diamond: His trading story starts in the 1960s when he experienced beginner’s luck. Then a losing streak wiped out 70% of his portfolio, but he loved to trade, so he stuck with it. He was one of those rare exceptions who made a lasting comeback.

Get this: Diamond has been trading for 47 years!

If there were such a thing as an honorary doctorate for traders, Dick Diamond would deserve to get one. His trading knowledge is extensive enough to fill 174 pages in one of his recent trading manuals.

Diamond emphasizes what he calls “80/20” trades. These are high-confidence trades that he teaches students to recognize.

The 80/20 trade is based on indicators that create a specific trading setup. A trader must act on this setup immediately. Then you set stops.

In shorter time frames, like trading from a five-minute chart, the 80/20 setup may come along a few times a day. If you're trading a longer time frame, like off of a 120-minute or 240-minute chart, the 80/20 trade will come along less frequently, but when it does, the opportunity will be bigger. The 80/20 setup can be especially rewarding for position traders. Indicators sometimes reveal what I call 90/10 trades.

Trading Pro Dick Diamond

Diamond can show you how to enter and exit those trades in a bull or a bear market.

You can learn to see trading opportunities in various financial markets.

Attend Dick Diamond’s 4-day Market Mentor Trading Course from Aug. 11 to Aug. 14, 2013, in Orlando, Fla. Watch Diamond trade in a live market so that you can duplicate his actions in your own trading room.

Follow this link to find out what Dick Diamond’s students say about the 4-Day Market Mentor Trading Course.

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