Thursday, October 24, 2013

Evaluating the Keltner Bells Forex Trading System

When you're evaluating a new trading system, it is 'mission critical' that you look not just at the wins of the system . . . but at the losses, too.

Anyone can show off a great winning trade. Even truly abysmal trading systems will have a least a couple good trades if only by luck.

What makes Keltner Bells stand out is that our wins are typically MULTIPLES the size of our losing trades. This means that even if you take 10 trades, winning 5 trades and losing 5 trades, you *still* will come out on top.

Take these recent trades, for example. You'll see a win & a loss for each pair.

GBPUSD +81 pips, -13 pips
GBPNZD +135 pips, -60 pips
EURJPY +120 pips, -50 pips
AUDUSD +90 pips, -4 pips
CHFJPY +132 pips, -75 pips
NZDJPY +131 pips, -14 pips
GBPCHF +119 pips, -43 pips
EURAUD +113 pips, -54 pips

No matter how you slice it, the losing trades pale in comparison to the winning trades.

Simply put, when you trade Keltner Bells, you'll always have the odds in your favor on every single trade. When it just comes down to the numbers we have always had more winners than losers in every Forex pair.

More winners in 2011, more winners in 2012, and more winners in 2013. In fact, in any given month in 2013 there was an 85% likelihood any of our currency pairs would be positive. In 2012 the likelihood was 87%! Stability is the key to performance.

Even better, Keltner Bells takes just 10 minutes a day to realize these wins. It is designed for simplicity, showing eye-widening performance across currency pairs with no added time commitment.

Click here to check out this video now. It has a mini walk-through of the Keltner Bells system plus a good cross-section of Forex results you can expect to see actually trading the system.

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