Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Updates to The Super Trader Training Program

By Dr. Van K. Tharp Trading Education & Workshops Institute

I am continuing to fine tune the Super Trader program and have a few more changes I’d like to share with you.

We currently have over 50 people in the program – nearly double of what we have had in it previously. I believe it grew to that size for two good reasons. First, we went from a two year program at $25k/year to a six year program at $10k/year. In addition, Trading Beyond the Matrix came out and enabled potential candidates to know what to expect. Our program was closed until now (March) and we are now only accepting one new person each month. As a result we now have a waiting list.

We need to double the size of our workshop room so I have an intention to purchase the office next door, however, it’s not actually on the market. At the point we are able to increase our workshop room size, I could begin accepting 2 people per month again as I did until last year. But until that happens, people will have to wait to get into the program, 1 per month.

In the last update on the program I announced several changes to the program and we will improve some of the recent changes now that we have had a chance to use them for a time.

Change 1 — Probation

I originally made the decision to institute a probation period at the end of 2013 because I thought it would weed out non-committed people and it would improve the chances that people would graduate from the program. Our company mission, however, is transformation (not graduation) so I’m rethinking this new caveat.

When I look at any of the people in our program, even those who have taken over six months to do lesson 1 of the program, the impact of the program on their lives has been dramatic. I am concerned that a mandatory probation period might eliminate many people who have and potentially will make major personal transformations.

Thus, starting March 2014 the probation will only be used at my discretion or at the discretion of the candidate (ie., probation is your chance to get a trial period in the Super Trader program to see if it is right for you). We suspect that most candidates will want to go directly into the program. If requested, the probation period will cost $10,000 and be fully deductible from the cost of ST1. (The probation period will consist of sending weekly reports to me and doing Lesson 1a and 1b.) If you do the probation period, it will include all the VTI products that we normally give super traders and it will give you an opportunity to see if the program is right for you. For example, if you cannot get yourself to do the work, then it probably isn’t a good fit.

The probation period does not add additional time for your entry into the program because every new member is required to complete Lesson One. Hopefully, this new step will help you determine if you want to continue with the program before you have to make your first large payment. However, you will not be able to attend workshops (at no charge) or the Super Trader Summit until you have been fully accepted into the program. The amount of time required to complete Lesson 1 varies greatly in each individual. You will work at your own pace.

Change 2 — Price Increase Coming August 2014

We raised the price of the program to $15k/year (or 45k total) last August. However, the program is still inexpensive compared with the full cost for the original two year program a few years ago.

Beginning August 2014 we will be raising the price of ST1 by $2,250 to $47,250. On a three year time frame that equals $750 per year. There will also be an increase in ST2, which will vary depending on how long it takes you to complete each phase.

We are willing to fill up the remaining 2014 slots at the old rate until the end of July. If you come in on probation prior to August 1st, you will get the old rate.

If there is a price increase once you are accepted into the program, YOUR price will not increase while you are in the program, the price per year remains constant at the rate when you joined.

Click here for more details about the program.

New Workshop Coming To The Super Trader Summit

Years ago I used to present a workshop called Mental Strategies for Traders which we stopped doing in 1996. Because I have been re-emphasizing that Super Traders learn and use these mental strategies now, however, I will reintroduce this workshop this year.

Mental Strategies include:

Decision Making Strategy

Motivational Strategy

Convincer Strategy

Knowing When a System Fits You strategy

Knowing When to Trade and Not Trade a System Strategy

Knowing How to Make a Decision about what to trade when there are too many opportunities

We will resurrect this workshop as part of the 2014 ST Summit in December. Based on the feedback of the attending Super Traders, we will decide whether or not to offer the workshop on a regular basis.

New Super Trader Two Summit Possible in 2015

Based on the rate of current ST1 completions, I expect that beginning in the summer of 2015, we will offer an exclusive Super Trader II Summit. Right now there are not enough people in the Super Trader II to make such a summit feasible, but we are expecting 10-15 Super Trader 1 completions in 2014 which will make this possible. We anticipate that this will also relieve some of the capacity stress on the year end summit.

Impact of Super Trader 1

Our goal in the Super Trader program, especially ST1, is massive transformation. We really want to raise the level of consciousness of our Super Traders and we believe that the best way to do that is by monitoring and working on raising their level of happiness. David Hawkins believes there is a one to one correlation between happiness and level of consciousness. If he is right, as the graph shows, we are doing a great job. The happiness test goes from minus 55 (really depressed) to plus 85. And I consider that when people are constantly showing scores above 75, that they are “awake” or close to it.